The Hellfire Club

A Young Congressman Stumbles On The Powerful Political Underworld Of 1950 S D.C In This Potent Thriller David Baldacci And New York Times Bestseller From CNN Correspondent Jake Tapper Charlie Marder Is An Unlikely Congressman Thrust Into Office By His Family Ties After His Predecessor Died Mysteriously, Charlie Is Struggling To Navigate The Dangerous Waters Of 1950s Washington, DC, Alongside His Young Wife Margaret, A Zoologist With Ambitions Of Her Own Amid The Swirl Of Glamorous And Powerful Political Leaders And Deal Makers, A Mysterious Fatal Car Accident Thrusts Charlie And Margaret Into An Underworld Of Backroom Deals, Secret Societies, And A Plot That Could Change The Course Of History When Charlie Discovers A Conspiracy That Reaches The Highest Levels Of Governance, He Has To Fight Not Only For His Principles And His Newfound Political Careerbut For His Life.The Hellfire Club

The Outpost An Untold Story of American Valor, debuted in the top 10 on the New York Times bestseller list.

[ PDF / Epub ] ☀ The Hellfire Club  Author Jake Tapper –
  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • The Hellfire Club
  • Jake Tapper
  • 15 July 2018
  • 9780316472302

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    3.5 stars Jake Tapper is one of my favorite journalists, and one of my celebrity crushes that stern face and watching him hold Kellyanne Conway s feet to the fire so when I found out he wrote a novel I was intrigued, and I downloaded the audiobook as soon as it was available I was a bit unsure what to expect, given the mixed reviews so far, but I thought this was really fun If you enjoy political machinations, history, and thrillers this book is a delightful way to pass some time, and learn a bit of history I need to find a copy of the endnotes, as they weren t included in the audiobook, so I can see which bits were invented and what was true Set in 1950s Washington, DC, The Hellfire Club throws in a lot of details about the state of politics at the time, especially McCarthy ism, all of which was very interesting to me It also features a whole lot of intrigue around secret so...

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    Jake Tapper, the tenacious anchor of CNN, the merciless slayer of alternative facts, the dogged deflator of political egos, has written a novel about corruption in Washington In the scandal a day era of President Trump, the news doesn t leave much room for fiction about our government s debauchery, but Tapper still heaps plenty of scorn on the king of chaos He s impossible to ignore He s become this planet blocking the sun And whatever points he makes that have validity are blotted out by his indecency and his lies and his predilection to smear I m not sure whom you ...

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    Shamless Shameful Self Promotion Book Blog Bookstagram The human soul isn t sold once but rather slowly and methodically and piece by piece Opening Hook A politician, a dead woman and a car walk into a bar drive off of a bridgeMain Character A bowl of oatmeal wearing khakisPlot Twisty ness If you turned Washington D.C into a corn mazeA word of advice, don t read books that are outside of your interests because you have an intellectual crush on the author.What are my interests, you might ask Why did this book fall outside of them Well, I ll tell you This novel is about Charlie Marder, a newly appointed US Congressman.He s married to a zoologist for some fucking reason with a baby on the way, marching into Washington ready to make some positive changes guided by his strong moral compass and naivete He has taken over the seat for a disgraced politician who was found dead after charges of corruption and racketeering.Then there s a mysterious note, a shooting in the Capitol, lots of talk about communism McCarthy makes an appearance, as does JFK and nu...

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    4.5 starsCharlie Marder is a freshman Congressman appointed after his predecessor dies under mysterious circumstances that involve a hooker and a cheap hotel room He s also a bestselling historian with a powerful father and a brainy, beautiful wife who is expecting their first child Despite Charlie s familiarity with academia s intense rivalries, he finds himself unprepared for the deep rooted corruption he encounters in 1950s Washington, DC After a car accident leaves a woman dead he and his wife Margaret find themselves caught in a web of dark alliances that put the nation itself at risk As they fight the capital s political and corporate Elite, they encounter a star studded cast of powerful figures, including Jack and Bobby Kennedy, Eisenhower, Joe McCarthy, J Edgar Hoover, Allen Dulles and Margaret Chase Smith Jake Tapper s The Hellfire Club was definitely wrought in the Dan Brown forge There are high octane thrills throughout, with enough arcane facts, mysterious codes, Russian spies and secret societies to make the novel an engaging read Sure, some of the plot twists are unlikely, even outlandishly so, but that ...

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    DNF 30% The sun is rising on March 5th, 1954 as newly appointed congressman Charlie Marder wakes up on a creek bank with his tuxedo covered in mud Nearby, a car is submerged in the creek and a dead woman lies in a drainage ditch His memory is fuzzy and he can t remember how he got there He s in the midst of rationalizing leaving the scene when a car pulls up You may prove to be a great soldier, Winston Marder said Not because you re tough Because you re smart But sacrifices are made in the field of battle, Charlie Sacrifices will have to be made Chapter Two flashes back to two months prior, which is worlds away from Marder s current predicament Professor and bestselling author Charlie Marder was just appointed to a congressional seat left empty by disgraced Representative Martin Van Waganan, who was found dead after his indictment for corruption and racketeering Marder is trying to find his footing as a new congressman, but in following his strongly tuned moral compass he immediately steps on some toes Getting things done will require a little finesse than he s accustomed to His wife Margaret is becoming increasingly frustrated with her husband s concessions to the old guard and she isn t comfortable in a place where compromise and obsequiousness were as much a part of the landscape as traffic circles and monuments to long dead generals She s also frustrated because she s not even t...

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    Meh I guess I fell for the photos on Twitter of celebrities reading this book You got me, Hellfire Club PR campaign The Hellfire Club has a great beginning that really grabs you, and then falters and meanders for almost all of the rest of the book It did pick up at the last 16% I read it on Kindle , but that s too little too late For a thriller only to pick up in the last pages of a book is disappointing If only there had been of that zippy last 16% writing throughout This book would have benefitted from a thorough editor There were lots of sections that could have been cleaned up to be sharper and better written like the ending.Aside from that, the thing that bugged me was that there was writing and dialogue that was thoroughly modern There are so many illusions to Trumpism and issues surrounding it, it took me right out of the setting It s not that I am a master of subtext, they are just so overt and glaring, you can t miss them It doesn t appear to be done in a wink wink see what I m doing here cutesy way either It s not that I don t agree with these parts I m a liberal, I do or that they offend me they don t , but they don t fit with this story.The main character s wife decries This is not normal when a politician does something unsavory is a few words away from do not normalize this a phrase we liberals use on Twitter frequently A...

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    pony zoologist

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    Great combination of politics, history and intrigue set in 1950 s Washington, DC.

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    I couldn t put this book down Read my full review at

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    After reading about 25% of this book, nothing was happening except a lot of name dropping I gave up at that point I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.

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