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Prepare To Laugh Reese WitherspoonFrom Funny Woman, Instagram Star, And International Comedy Sensation, Celeste Barber S Challenge Acceptedis A Raucous, Hilarious, And Outspoken Guide To Life, Unwanted Gas, And How To Rock A Sexy Scar.Part Memoir, Part Comedy Routine, Part Advice Manual, Challenge Acceptedis Celeste At Her Best, Revealing Her Secrets To Love, Friendship, Family, And Marriage Oh Hai, Hothusband , And How To Deal With Life S Many Challenges Why She Checks The Bath For Sharks, How Nutella Quite Literally Shaped Who She Is As A Woman, And Why Being Famous On Instagram Is Like Being Rich In Monopoly It S Real, Like Totally, Really Real.Challenge Accepted!

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Challenge Accepted! book, this is one of the most wanted Celeste Barber author readers around the world.

[Reading] ➽ Challenge Accepted!  ➳ Celeste Barber –
  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • Challenge Accepted!
  • Celeste Barber
  • 17 June 2018
  • 9781542006231

10 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted!

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    I can t count the number of times I snorted laughing while reading this book actually, I lost some coffee through my nose before I decided not to drink anything while reading the rest It isn t just funny, it s hilarious Celeste has such an incredible authorial voice and that comes through these pages from start to finish It s easy to read and you can practically hear her narrating the whole thing.But the thing that really sealed thi...

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    I was a bit disappointed when reading this I laugh so hard of most of her instagram posts, and I was expecting to be laughing when reading the book It seems like she wants to many things and the book becomes a bit shallow It s funny in parts, serious in parts and r...

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    The book is Celeste s memoir I got this book through borrowbox and choose the audio book version and the best thing was Celeste narrated the book Celeste is the funniest woman on Instagram, her challengeaccepted are hilarious She does...

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    J m m Celeste fakt r da, na Inst i v l a jej stories nikdy nep eskakuju Pokud ji zn te, tak od jej knihy o ek v te dost podobn styl k m si, je to stand up komi ka, tohle bude LOL od za tku do konce No a nen Kniha m sli...

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    This book was hilarious It had so many lol moments but also some deep moments I love Celeste Barber and love that she knows who she is and will stand up for what she believes in

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    Oh my word, why was this woman not introduced to my life earlier Honestly, she s so aspiring that I don t know how to handle it Like most of the books I ve been reading lately, when I first picked this one up, I wasn t sure if I was going to like it I didn t really get the Aussie humor, she started the book off with the birth of her son, and I have a lot of mixed feelings about kids right now I wasn t sure if Celeste and I were going to click But, like most books I ve been reading lately, I stuck with it and was extremely pleased with the rest of the book Barber is very witty, one might even say cheeky, and makes you feel like you re listening to your new best friend telling you about her life over drinks on your couch while in your pjs I liked how honest Barber is She admits right off the bat that she might not be the smartest person, or the best writer, but she has a story to tell and something to say And if that isn t the most humbling thing I ve ever seen a writer put in their book, I don t know what is Barber says what she believes with such conviction that you can t help but think, Yeah, I totally agree, while she talks to you about the dange...

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    Loved it just as much as I thought I would

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    I really like Celeste, and this book hasn t changed that however it sort of fell a bit flat for me I m not sure what I walked into this book expecting to happen, but I don t feel like I got what I went in for Her humour still shines through the pages but I didn t connect with her through this book.

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    I had thought this would be Jenny Lawson or David Sedaris rather than Tina Fey, Amy Fowler or Anna Kendrick I didn t like the books by these last three either The problem is that these ladies have grown up in white middle class normal families, with nothing much interesting happening while they were growing up So what they talk about are their boring lives, and about the acting classes they took, and how they got into the biz Makes for boring reading listening.I do have to say that this book does have some good moments, but for the most part it feels as though she s used this platform as a dumping ground for all the things she s not been able to say before Imagine you encounter something that makes you mad, and you come up with all these thoughts in your head things you would say to those people That s what most of this book is While these thoughts might be fun in your head, they re not necessarily that great on paper.Celeste added humour to everything While it fit nicely in some places, like maybe duri...

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    Sharing laughs, love, and life advice Challenge Accepted You know when all you want to do is wear your PJs all day and watch Friends reruns with your bestie Well, Celeste Barber had my back I could tell that if she could, she d be right there with me, cracking wicked jokes, eating all the chips, and making me laugh.Challenge Accepted is littered memoir style with stories and anecdotes of Barber s life An accomplished actor and comedian, she is famous specifically for her celebrity parody photos on Instagram that went viral in 2015 She admits that the stories she shares are not entirely chronological, they might be embellished slightly, and that doesn t know how to go about writing a memoir So she starts with her favorite story, the birth of her first child It s a rollicking beginning In between chapters are some of the snaps from her Instagram page of the highly entertaining celebrity parodies Barber aims to please, all she wants to do is make people laugh, and she nails it every timeThese parodies were the origin of Challenge Accepted pictures sent as challenges between Barber and her sister Olivia making fun of themselves, trying to mimic crazy poses of celebrities They re fantastic gems that evoke a massive grin at the very least, but often cackling She has no shame, and I am so thankful for it.While I was getting my giggle on, she was sharing some sweet stories about her family that brought a happy tear to my eye Her relationships wi...

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