The Game of Kings

In This First Book In The Legendary Lymond Chronicles, Francis Crawford Of Lymond, Traitor, Murderer, Nobleman, Returns To Scotland To Redeem His Reputation And Save His Home.It Is 1547 And Scotland Has Been Humiliated By An English Invasion And Is Threatened By Machinations Elsewhere Beyond Its Borders, But It Is Still Free Paradoxically, Her Freedom May Depend On A Man Who Stands Accused Of Treason He Is Francis Crawford Of Lymond, A Scapgrace Nobleman Of Crooked Felicities And Murderous Talents, Posessed Of A Scholar S Erudition And A Tongue As Wicked As A Rapier In The Game Of Kings, This Extraordinary Antihero Returns To The Country That Has Outlawed Him To Redeem His Reputations Even At The Risk Of His Life.The Game of Kings

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  • Paperback
  • 568 pages
  • The Game of Kings
  • Dorothy Dunnett
  • English
  • 24 January 2017
  • 9780525565246

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    Attention Please ignore the word romance in the goodreads description I would argue that classification.I spent years trying to get anyone I knew to read this book just so I could talk about it with someone other than myself I ve even given it as a gift half a dozen times or so Useless They all whine it s too hard to follow with the classical references, obscure poetry, and French quotes I say the story stands on its own without the reader being as well read as dear Dorothy Or you could look it up and learn something They groan Lazy readers.So I ve either just given the least persuasive book review ever or I ve challenged you It makes no difference to me I ve stopped recommending it I...

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    I despised men who accepted their fate I shaped mine twenty times and had it broken twenty times in my hands Bold words from a bold man Francis Crawford of Lymond has been accused of the most nefarious things deceit, treachery, rape, drunkenness, murder,and just so he will for sure hangtreason He has the same problem as Prince Harry of Wales does today He is the spare son, the second son The one that will have to make his own way while the grand Crawford estate goes to his older brother Richard Dumbarton Castle, ScotlandWomen are swept up under the sway of his seductive powers Men want to be him or kill him He makes it impossible for anyone to remain neutral in their regard for him His tongue is as sharp as a rapier and his reticence about not sharing plans has even his most stout allies tearing their hair out in frustration He is an accomplished polyglot and a master of disguise He is a force of nature creating havoc for the ever shifting alliances between the Scots and the English He does not join a side, does not trust any organization enough to actually call himself a member nice to know I m not the only one with this affliction In 1547 Scotland he is a Renaissance Man and that does create it s own problems Versatility is one of the few human traits which are universally intolerable You may be good at Greek and good at painting and be popular You may be good at Greek and good at sport, and be wildly popular But try all three and you re a mountebank, Nothing arouses s...

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    Re read 2017 There was an Ewe had three lambs, and one of them was black What of it Sheep are commonly white does that make white unassailable, any than the pure light of the sun before the prism How may a breed freshen except under mutation How improve its whiteness except by admitting a rogue cobalt to its candid meadows I do not normally re read novels, because if I read it once I get the point, and there is no reason to return to it I only decided to re read Pride and Prejudice every year, because I absolutely love the story I may have to change my thoughts due to this novel Game of Kings is a phenomenal historical fictional novel I absolutely love it, and I am so glad I read it all over again There was just so much I missed the first time around, and I could find the subtle, clever ways Dorothy Dunnett wrote her amazing first novel with If anyone intends to read this novel I would suggest reading it just for fun the first time around, and don t worry about all those Latin or Spanish phrases, unknown names and stories, and etc that gets everyone confused, because the plot eventually becomes clear Finding out first hand, this is a novel and probably the series to re read, and study Thi...

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    1.99 Kindle sale, June 23, 2019 If you ever feel like you need a REALLY mentally challenging novel, I have the solution right here Game of Kings, first published in 1961, is an intricate, well plotted tale of the conflict between England and Scotland in 1547, when Mary Queen of Scots is a very young child, and the machinations of the various players in that conflict, especially Francis Crawford, called Lymond Lymond is a young man, exiled from Scotland for treason, who has now snuck back into the country and is busy making waves and causing trouble, for reasons that gradually are revealed Dorothy Dunnett uses chess terms as chapter titles and Middle English quotes about chess at the start of most chapters, and really this book is very much like one massive chess game, played by a master player.Parts of Game of Kings were completely fascinating I always enjoy reading about a person who has their own mysterious agenda, which they follow to the end while everyone around them sees only their small piece of the puzzle This book is very well written, and a lot of the scenes really came to life for me The last couple of hundred pages kept me up until past 1 30 am reading, since I couldn t put the book down unfinished.But and this is a fairly large but any book that reminds me of reading Ulysses in college, I m going to have some issues with Lymond is a brilliant scholar as well as an athlete ...

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    In the hands of a less skilled writer, this could have been a real page turner The Game of Kings has all the ingredients to make it an irresistible read a romantic, handsome, complex hero, an exciting historical setting and era, family drama and politics, well researched details and vivid descriptions, intrigue and mystery.But like the hero, Lymond, the novel itself is in turns brilliant and frustrating Scotland, 1547 Diplomacy having failed, England has used force to bring Scotland into an alliance After five years in exile, Francis Crawford of Lymond returns to his homeland, a defiant Scotland Scotland, barren and beautiful Lymond is back Lymond is in Scotland Lymond We know all about Lymond Rieving and ruttery and all manner of vice And treason Why has Lymond, an outlawed rebel returned Is he come to wreak havoc with his band of outlaws And what of the uneasy relationship with his older brother, Richard Or has he other, deeper motives for his return Edinburgh, 16th century And, long since ashore with his men and his booty, Crawford of Lymond, man of wit and crooked felicities, bred to luxury and heir to a fortune, rode off serenely to Midculter to break into his new sister in law s castle.And so begins The Game of Kings. Battle of Pinkie CleughSome years ago after I met and fell madly, deliriously and irrevocably in love with Jamie Fraser and the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, it was suggested that I go on and...

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    This book, and how I feeeeeel about this book They demand flights of eloquence and rhetorical brilliance that I just don t have right now Or probably ever, if I m honest, not for this.It s only the second time I ve read this cover to cover But pieces of this book are graven into me Particular turns of phrase from scenes I ve read over again I despised men who accepted their fate I shaped mine twenty times and had it broken twenty times in my hands And fundamental things I remembered the fact of Lymond s speech about patriotism, but not it s chilling, blazing content Yet when I got to it again, it rang my whole brain like a bell because it turns out I did remember, I just remembered so far down it felt like it came from me.It s a book with speeches, let me just repeat that.Okay, some actual content This is Scotland, 1547, conflict sparking with England, France circling It s a story of nations, but mostly it s about the lost son coming home, about his brother s marriage bending and bending until the cracks show, it s about his extraordinary mother, and their friends, and a long, awful, painful coming in from the cold I love them all so much I am helpless about it This is a ridiculous, absurd book where the main character is incomprehensible 75% of the time if you don t have a Ph.D in sixteenth century literature, and you don t have the faintest i...

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    Six stars out of five for Dorothy Dunnett She s in class of her own when it comes to historical fiction and, while I continue to enjoy the epics told by Bernard Cornwell or Patrick O Brian the ones I m currently in the middle of , I have to admit that in a celebrity deathmatch they would come second place to the Lymond Niccolo series Fans of the author tend towards unbridled enthusiasm witness the 4,42 median rating here on Goodreads the highest I ve come across so far, and the international conventions meeting in places of import from the books So what is the secret of this amazing popularity, seeing as the number of votes is relatively low I could point out to the erudition and the word plays that rival Umberto Eco, to the wild swashbuckling adventures that surpass even Alexandre Dumas, to the intricate puzzles and whodunnit investigations that pay tribute to Arthur Conan Doyle or Agatha Christie, the grand vision, panoramic scope that challenge Gone with the Wind and War and Peace, and last but not least the wild, absurd, disruptive sense of humour that reminds me of...

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    In order to clarify the situation with regard to said novel, let me first rehash what the two sides of the discussion have been saying Side What the fuck is this It s obscure Every time Lymond opens his mouth, I want to smack his face and make him eat his weird ancient references Side This book is brilliant Well if you were less lazy, now That s classics for you, lads You have to work a little to discover the gem Me chokes Now let s deconstruct something together, okay No classic needs to be obscure Many aren t That was fast, wasn t it What, not convinced Alright What is the similarity between say, The Red and the Black, The Three Musketeers by the way, I saw readers comparing The Game of Kings with this one and please, don t even , Anna Karenina, Stello and Les Mis rables They re classics, but they re utterly readable One does not need a textbook to understand every fucking page, and you know what It doesn t mean they re average because the masses can understand them I genuinely saw people referring to the masses in re...

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    Doubleday Vintage Anchor has reprinted the Lymond Chronicles series with gorgeous new covers in paperback form I loved my first adventures with Lymond Francis Crawford of Lymond stands accused of many crimes, including deceit, drunkenness, murder, and treason It s 1547 when he returns to his native Scotland, just as it is threatened by an English invasion Lymond leads a group of outlaws and dissidents to defend his land, as well as his name Lymond is the second son, and second in line for any inheritance Classical literature references abound, always testing me and adding fun when I actually knew one Characters also abound, and we are on pins and needles as we wait to find out if Lymond is guilty or innocent Lymond is in a fight to end all fights with his brother, and the outcome will determine if Lymond dies or is welcomed back into the fold of his family Mary Queen of Scots is here, too, but too young to truly lead, which is why Lymond and men like him have to join up and join in to make sure Scotland remains a kingdom There are true to history characters mixed in with fictional ones Lymond is a main character to champion complex, foolhardy, passionate, clever, i...

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    A massive BR with Alex, Amanda and great people in fab group for reading Dorothy Dunnett books Sigh IDK what happened for sure The Game of Kings has all I need for the historical treat, interesting historical spices, naughty and evil main character, some action, peculiar writing Hmmas long as I read Riyria Revelations alongside it was ok, but when I ended up with Lymond and Lord Idiot Dragon Actually only, I felt that it was going to be a downfall for my reads After finishing Rise of Empire I couldn t get properly involved into reading The Game of Kings and it s bad, cause this book is really outstanding and it should keep me hooked without any additional help from Riyria or other books So I m putting this book on hold for some time Sorry guy I promise to stalk you for yummy up...

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