An American Duchess

A Woman S Heart Dares To Defy The Rules Of Victorian Society In USA Today Bestselling Author Caroline Fyffe S Novel Of Romance, Royalty, And A Little Revenge In Kent, England, The Arrival Of Beranger Northcott, Duke Of Brightshire, Causes A Stir Because With The Duke Comes His New American Bride, Who Isn T Quite What Anyone Expects By Accepting The Hand Of Her Beloved, Emma Brinkman Went From Hardworking Colorado Rancher To Duchess Now She S Expected To Comport Herself As Nobility Overnight For Emma Stifled, Homesick, And Unable To Shake The Feeling She S Being Watched The Metamorphosis Is A Challenge And If Emma S Suspicions Are Correct, Perhaps Even A Dangerous One.Fortunately, Emma Has Found A Trusted Friend In The Orphaned Charlotte, Brightshire S Scullery Maid Charlotte Longs To Experience If Only For A Moment The Luxuries And Gentry Romance That Come With A Titled Life When One Of The Duke S Handsome Cousins Takes Notice Of Charlotte, The Castle Kitchen Is Set Abuzz With Speculation.In Navigating Their Two Different Stations, Both Servant And Duchess Alike Will Discover All They Have In Common From Secret Fantasies To Daring Hearts To Upending The Rules Of Society And That Finding Their Places In The World And Love Is A Dream That Can Come True No Matter The Risks.An American Duchess

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  • 10 December 2018

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    It has been almost a decade since I have read anything by Caroline Fyffe When I requested this story from Netgalley, I wasn t aware An American Duchess was the sequel to Heart of Mine, part of the Colorado Hearts series Fortunately, it can be read as a standalone The problem I ran into was the plot followed two couples or four MCs Emma and Beranger from Heart of Mine was the established twosome In addition, there was a slowly developed romance between Charlotte and Tristen, or will it be Justin The setting took place during Victorian times and two of the people were in domestic positions They developed a friendship with Emma a new duchess and, with caution, accepted an immediate promotion Other characters had a difficult time accepting this Meanwhile, the reader was expected to take an immediate leap of faith About halfway in, two cowboys former co workers of Emma s from America visited her new home It was distracting As this was happening, Beranger was struck down with an unusual illness And all along, his deceased father s wife treated the new duke and duchess with snobbery and what bordered as hate To sum it up, there were two romances, a love triangle, a sudden mysterious illness, two visiting cattlemen and a nasty stepmother I felt as though too much was going on and I found the writing syntax awkward I liked Emma and Charlot...

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    Series StandalonePublication Date 6 25 19Number of Pages 348Whew I have to take a rest There was a lot going on in this book by new to me author Caroline Fyffe I enjoyed both love stories and the mystery, the writing was excellent, and I loved the characters I d even like to see some of them in their own books I ll definitely read this author again.When the book first started off, I thought, Oh man, not another one that gets it wrong Then, she turned it right around and got it right Good going It appeared that she was going to have an illegitimate son inheriting the title and we all know that is absolutely impossible So good for you Ms Fyffe.Beranger Northcott had a horrid childhood as the illegitimate child of the Duke of Brightshire At the age of thirteen, he d run away from the father who never loved him and the step mother who mistreated him He rode to the harbor and sold his freedom for four years as a deckhand aboard a ship, the Destiny When his four years were up, he found himself in America where he made his fortune Now, he s returning to Ashbury Castle as the new Duke of Brightshire along with his duchess, the love of his life, Emma Brinkman Northcott They are newlywed and firmly, steadfastly and stalwartly in love and I was so happy to see that nothing could shake that.Emma is an American through and through She s an American heiress, but not the kind we usually read about as in sh...

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    There s a lot of mayhem going on in this delightful Victorian novel It s fun to read a story of an American coming back across the pond to take her place in English society Emma and Beranger had no expectations of him becoming the new Duke and Emma is quite up to this position, according to some namely her wicked her step mother in law.I loved watching Emma take on this challenge, mingling her background with her new expectations She isn t what they expect, and while she tries to conform in some ways, she stays true to herself, bringing a breath of fresh air to the stuffiness of society.There is a mystery, waiting to be discovered, and danger abounds...

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    A master storyteller, Caroline Fyffe takes you into a 1881 England and a newly named Duke and his American Bride Beranger Northcutt has just inherited the title of the Duke of Brightshire Having been living in America and just married Emma Brinkman, they set sail to Beranger s homeland A lot has happened since he had been gone but nothing has changed about his hateful stepmother, except that now she has to rely upon him Of course, Emma coming from a small town and becoming a Duchess, wasn t sure what she was to do, but she quickly captured the hearts of many by her delightful spirit and humble demenor But the love between her and Beranger just won my heart There is so much going on with this story that it captured me from the first page as we meet Charlotte, who will also play a role and have a budding romance Mystery, suspense as Beranger becomes ill and it seems someone wants to do him harm, secrets that will come out and of course romance is in the air.I truly loved this...

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    I liked the book alot it was a little long but interesting all the same I espesially liked Emma and Charlotte, the two main characters of the book They became fierce and strong women throughout the book.

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    I COULD FEEL YOU WERE DESTINED FOR SOMETHING GREATOnce again, Ms Caroline Fyffe has taken her readers on a roller coaster ride in this emotional journey of family, loss, secrets, new beginnings, and love While this story will read well as a stand alone, it is also a continuation from Heart of Mine, book three in the Colorado Heart with the meeting of Emma Brinkman and Beranger North While this new story is not part of the Colorado Heart series, but an extension of their story it will have them leaving America and is a new beginning in England In this story, Emma Brinkman and Beranger Northcott his tue surname will be quickly married, following the information that he has inherited the title of Duke of Brightshire and they will leave Colorado and sail to England The story will encompass the changes and memories that Beranger will face returning to where he lived, even if he was treated poorly by his step mother He will meet a half sister that was born after he left England and worked on board a ship until he made his mark in America The story is full of mystery, suspense, danger, secrets, angst, but also has new beginnings, making changes in how things in life turn out ...

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    Beranger Northcutt and his American wife Emma have returned to England so he can take his rightful place as the Duke of Brightshire To say that Emma is nervous would be an understatement She doesn t know how to be a Duchess and the last thing she wants to do is bring shame and embarrassment to her husband But she s determined to do her best What she didn t expect was to be undermined by her new in laws at every turn Sure, they seem nice and helpful when Beranger is around But the moment he s not All bets are off She finds herself seeking solace and strength from not only her husband, but her new friends as well.But when Beranger suddenly falls ill, Emma not only finds her voice, but her determination as well She will get to the bottom of what s going on and no one will get in her way She plans to live a long and happy life with Beranger in their new home in England I really enjoyed watching Emma and Beranger get acclimated to their new surroundings It definitely wasn t easy for them, but they pushed through and refused to let anyone bring them down I enjoyed the mystery that was woven into the story I found myself trying to figure out what in the world was going on and who ...

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    I m dnf ing at 44%There seem to be two totally separate romances going on here as well as a couple of mysteries and some family unpleasantness strife I found it hard to focus on the characters the pov changed far too often to allow any real character development and the chapters were very short which didnt allow much in the way of plot development either But I actually stopped reading when I realised that I had no real sense of whether this was written as a Regency romance, a Victorian, or some fantasy set in a different world The language was far too modern and some phrases grated I think we should find somewhere to wait out the storm, since the livery didn t pan out Is there a restaurant or pub in Brightshire Surely people have to eat The bakeshop kitchen had never felt so cozy The duke placed several gold coins on the table. Okay My thoughts.I can forgive the pan out phrase, as the Duke had recently returned from America, but would a Duke really use that phrase shire usually refers to a county, not a town or village I personally don t know of any towns using the word shire unless in the context of hundreds eg Leylandshire, Bla...

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    4.5 5.0What a sweet and enjoyable turn on the old Victorian romance trope Take the much written about English aristocrat, then throw in a totally American western heroine But, wait Let s make the aristocrat a man who ran away at a very young age and made his life in the American west, falls in love and marries said heroine THEN, discovers his father, and older brother are dead leaving him the Dukedom with responsibilities over a very large estate back in England.What ensues is a wild, combustible story wher...

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    This my first book by this author and it felt like I was missing much of the story from the previous books I still enjoyed the love story, but the rest of the novel just didn t make much sense to me A lot was going on and the author used several plot techniques to keep you guessing who the culprit was b...

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